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  • Electronic Cricket Scoreboards

    Electronic Cricket Scoreboards

    For many cricket clubs and schools around the country, scoring is still a manual process. The careful recording of dot balls in scorebooks or the changing of score box number plates to a small ripple of applause could perhaps be considered part of the authentic charm of village cricket. Cricket is however a sport that’s…

  • Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machines Now Available

    Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machines Now Available

    2024 looks set to be another exciting year in the world of sport, with numerous major events on the calendar set to dominate the headlines. Whilst the Olympics, Euro 2024 and Wimbledon will no doubt feature heavily, at sportsequip we continue to diligently identify new and innovative products to help our customers achieve their sporting…

  • Updated! 6 tips to find the right football net for your goal

    Updated! 6 tips to find the right football net for your goal

    There’s an enormous variety of football goals available on the market today. Between the numerous sizes of goal that cater for all of the various formats of the game and the many types of each size goal, choosing a replacement football net is surprisingly confusing! Today, we’ll share some tips that’ll help you select the…

  • Updated! Buying Guide: Football Goal Posts

    Updated! Buying Guide: Football Goal Posts

    Over the last two decades, there has been a surprising amount of innovation both in the design and manufacture of goal posts that has drastically expanded the range available for the UK’s most popular sport. From the material each goal is constructed from, to its size, shape and type, there’s now a bewildering array of…

  • Football Foundation Floodlight Funding

    Football Foundation Floodlight Funding

    Portable floodlights. Simply charge, then set up when and where required. Plus, did you know that grants for portable floodlights are available thanks to the Football Foundation? If you run a football club, you may be eligible.

  • Covid-19 Funding & Grants for Sports Clubs

    Covid-19 Funding & Grants for Sports Clubs

    It’s been a tough 12 months for everyone, however in today’s blog we wanted to highlight some grants and funding options that may be available to help support your sports club through another difficult period. At the time of writing (January 2021), the majority of indoor and outdoor sports are unable to take place. This…

  • Specialist Cricket Wicket Refurbishment

    Specialist Cricket Wicket Refurbishment

    Sometimes it’s more practical and cost effective to refurbish an existing cricket wicket, rather than create a completely new installation. Last week, we refurbished one such cricket wicket near Nottingham, with fantastic results. The cricket wicket was in desperate need of repair, with poor tension in the carpet and unevenness in the base layer caused…

  • New Fitness Trails Datasheet Available

    New Fitness Trails Datasheet Available

    Did you know also contains a wealth of supporting resources to help you choose, maintain or provide additional technical information for the wide range of sports equipment that we supply? Our newest datasheet offers early Fitness Trail Planning Considerations and Guidance when choosing one of our Fitness Trails or Physical Training Trails. It offers…

  • customer wins Wimbledon! customer wins Wimbledon!

    A standing ovation and huge congratulations from everyone at today go to one of our customers who lifted a winners’ trophy at the 2016 Wimbledon Championship tennis finals. It almost goes without saying that our customer, who shall remain nameless, performed serenely throughout the tournament (sprig of lucky heather not required) and ‘andily pocketed…

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