Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machines Now Available

2024 looks set to be another exciting year in the world of sport, with numerous major events on the calendar set to dominate the headlines. Whilst the Olympics, Euro 2024 and Wimbledon will no doubt feature heavily, at sportsequip we continue to diligently identify new and innovative products to help our customers achieve their sporting dreams…

This year sportsequip is proud to introduce the new Slinger Bag tennis ball machine. Designed to be highly portable and affordable, the Slinger Bag makes an ideal tennis partner for beginner and intermediate players looking to improve their game. The Slinger Bag’s portability also makes it a great tutoring tool for tennis coaches who require a more manoeuvrable tennis ball machine.

The Slinger Bag is aimed at players who don’t yet require the full sophistication or range of features offered by higher-end Lobster and Spinfire tennis ball machines. But that’s not to say that the Slinger Bag is without it’s own unique advantages…

Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine

A new seed on court

Easy to use and quick to set-up, the Slinger Bag provides around three and a half hours of court time (depending on usage). A handy USB socket on the machine also allows players to charge their phone whilst recording their technique.

When used with the horizontal oscillation plate, the Slinger Bag will provide full width court coverage. The Slinger ejects balls from 10 to 45 miles per hour, at 10 to 40 degree elevations with 2 to 7 second ball ejection frequencies. Side-to-side oscillation and ball ejection can be turned on/off using the remote control included.

Weighing just 15kg (empty), the Slinger Bag can be easily moved and will fit in the boot of most family size cars. Ideal when moving the machine to/from the court.

With affordability now at the forefront of everybody’s mind, the Slinger Bag’s range of features and portability makes it an attractive alternative to those not requiring professional grade tennis ball machine models.

For more information on Slinger Bag tennis ball machines, visit or call us on 01858 545789.